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Themperor Kennedy🐸🏳️‍🌈 · 3mo

This is it, the "final" version of one of the most important sexual technologies of the 21st century

It has the ability to unlock powerful secret knowledge previously hidden to society

Please direct people to this version
It's the "Humanoid-Anthro-Alien Sex Triangle" an increasingly hard to describe triangle graph plot thing
    the top is labeled "furries", bottom left is "elf fuckers", and bottom right is "monster fuckers" with various creatures defined in different areas such as the orc fucker subcluster and the vampires intersecting circle
    there's also the very important "post-furry contiuum intersection" which spans from living dolls to appliance fuckers
    there's also an internal kobold spectrum
    and there's "horny for minecraft" in its own non-intersecting bubble
    this now includes the "ROBOT FUCKER SUPERSTRUCTURE" which  I just can't belive I had to add
    also adds a "clone fucking" bubble
    also adds the new "clown fucker pendulum" that goes from "clowns" to "klowns" and intersects the triangle
    also also also we've got all kinds of updates in this one including the CENOBITE INCURSION
    includes the PENTAGON OF SHAME for things that no one should have asked about
    ive run out of characters lol
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