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Tom Scocca · 2mo

Tried to write about how Elon Musk has too many scandals and messes for anyone to properly keep track of, and accidentally illustrated my point by completely forgetting to mention the terminal monkeys
Screenshot of text: 
    So far, Boring has combined Theranos-level investment with Theranos-level results—Musk's talk about high-speed transit has produced a handful of narrow tunnels with regular Tesla cars driving slowly through them—and it's not on the list of the most memorable Musk scandals or controversies. 
    What would the top scandals be? The long-running accusations of endemic racism at Tesla Motors? His alleged decision to either cut off or withhold Starlink service (Isaacson changed the particulars of the story after publication) to unilaterally stop Ukraine's advance in Crimea? His false marketing and premature deployment of lethal self-driving car technology? His ketamine habit, as reported by Farrow? His defending genocide against Uyghurs, so as to protect his business interests in China? His refusal to deploy basic safety technology on the SpaceX launchpad? His creepy mistress-collecting and baby-farming? His embrace of neo-Nazis on Twitter? [BSKY ALT-TEXT CHARACTER LIMIT]
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